Sponsor Film Eye

A distinctive publication that 'captures' the quality cinema market and offers a unique way of reaching and influencing upmarket consumers


  • Each edition is dedicated to one film selected on the basis of outstanding critical reaction
  • Distributed free of charge in cinemas showing that film - a programme for the film
  • All UK ‘arthouse' cinemas signed up to take it
  • Circulation 50,000, readership 150,000

Benefits of Film Eye Sponsorship

  • It enables the sponsor to target "urban sophisticates" - elusive and discerning consumers with high disposable income. 
  • They are 'media savvy' so liable to be suspicious of conventional advertising but as the provider of an independent medium the sponsor earns credibility and trust.
  • The sponsor's message is warmly received. Film Eye reaches readers when they are receptive - relaxed, happy, interested and captive.
  • Cinemagoers genuinely value and engage with Film Eye - 96% rate it as ‘excellent' or ‘good' and 89% say it enhances their visit to the cinema.
  • The sponsor's reputation for quality and innovation is enhanced and the association with cinema brings recognition  and prestige.
  • Readers' enjoyment of the featured films (which are all critically acclaimed) means they engage emotionally and positively with the sponsor's brand.
  • By guiding people to the most highly regarded films the sponsor gains influence, kudos and even gratitude. There are valuable PR opportunities from being seen to discover quality films.
  • Film Eye builds into a collection of the best film releases - the sponsor effectively brands these.

For more information about audience demographics and sponsorship opportunities email [email protected]