About Film Eye

About Film Eye

Film Eye is a unique movie magazine. Each issue showcases one film and is available in selected cinemas showing the film - a programme for the film - as well as online here and on our free app.

Film Eye is an independent guide to the best films. It is only produced for films acclaimed by the critics and the very publication of Film Eye indicates that the featured film has been endorsed.

Countless quality films do not get the audiences they deserve and pass unnoticed by most cinemagoers. Film Eye is designed to rectify this - to highlight these films and enhance people's appreciation of them.

The INTRO feature tells you why you what the film is about and why you should it. The main feature - RE-VIEW - includes a round-up of the most incisive and informative comments made by leading critics and is a forum for the best film criticism. It is designed to enable you to get more out of the film.

This is complemented by PRO-FILES of the actors and director and, when the film demands it, illuminating accounts of particular aspects of the film such as the setting and the genre.

Visit the HOME page to see the current and forthcoming films we are showcasing and select the WHERE SHOWING option for cinemas screening them.

You can sign up to be informed by email of each forthcoming release Film Eye will be featuring. That way you will get to hear about the best films in advance. Go to the SUBSCRIBE page for this.

You can also order back copies and subscriptions to the magazine. The print copies of the magazine may also have full soundtrack and cast and crew listings and additional background features.

"I throughly enjoyed reading Film Eye and cinemagoers should too... it's an invaluable aid to movie watching, nicely researched, nicely written and well worth collecting for future reference."

(Barry Norman) 



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